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Sometimes homeowners tend to forget that their heating systems need regular maintenance and neglect them year after year. Unfortunately, this is one of the main reasons your heating bill is so high. Lack of proper maintenance can also be the reason your heating system breaks down.

Because furnaces work harder in extreme temperatures, it is very important that you keep them working efficiently. This will keep you and your family comfortable as well as save you money on both your monthly bill as well as potential emergency repair costs.

Worst case scenario, a neglected heating system is an actual safety hazard. When your heating system has been left alone too long, it can start producing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, resulting in injury and even death.

The expert technicians at Ultimate Air offer quality and affordable furnace repair services to our customers throughout Lehi, Utah and the surrounding areas. Call us at 801-360-2489 and ask about our recommended annual furnace inspections.

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"I was able to get a tune up same day for my parents' gas fireplace. It was such a relief to know everything was in great working order and my parents were safe. Thanks for such prompt service!"

- Sandra

"They came out and did a great job. It was just a basic service but the tech was very friendly. Thanks for the response and help."

- Cameron

"I have four very young kids and my AC stopped working. One phone call, same day service, and super professional friendly and thorough. This is the first HVAC company I have felt comfortable with in my home. THANKS A TON!"

- James

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