HVAC Ductwork Installation for Basements

Finishing your basement is hard enough, let alone having the worry of whether your ducts are properly installed before you “make it permanent.” Ultimate Air specializes in HVAC ductwork installation for unfinished basements that need to be completed.

Upgrade or Additions?

When finishing the basement it’s important to plan the appropriate size and design of ductwork to match the capacity of your HVAC system. You’ll be adding several hundred square feet to your living areas for your system to heat and cool. It’s vital to make sure your heating and air conditioning systems can do just that.

If your current HVAC system doesn’t meet the capacity needed for heating and cooling your finished basement:

  1. Upgrade your existing HVAC system to a larger capacity unit
  2. Add a second HVAC system to provide the necessary heating and air to your finished basement

We will help you determine if your current systems can handle the additional demand, or if you’ll require additional capacity. Designing and installing the right heating and cooling system for your basement adds value to your home!

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Make the best choices when it comes to HVAC ductwork installation for your finished basement and choose Ulitmate Air! We will help you determine the size heating and cooling system which is needed to heat and cool your home plus the additional finished basement space, or just the basement space if you’ll be adding supplemental HVAC equipment.

The best time to call our certified techs is before you begin your basement planning and designs. Some ducts will require special drop ceilings or lower ceilings and you will want to know how and where your framing will come together with your HVAC and ductwork. Call Ultimate Air Inc for your basement finishing ductwork and HVAC needs in Utah County and Salt Lake County.

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