Nothing beats a cozy Christmas morning with the family, so make sure you remember to take care of your heating and air system in Lehi in the meantime! It doesn’t take much to maintain your home’s heating and air conditioning, but what is often the hard part is remembering to perform the necessary upkeep. So, make things easier on yourself by doing these steps now, or at least by setting a reminder sometime before Christmas.

There are a few indicators that your furnace or air conditioning is starting to wear down. These indicators include: dirty filters, flickering or yellow pilot light, frequently off and on cycling, or even loud sounds emitting from the vents or burner. Some of the simple maintenance tasks, that you can do yourself, include: changing the air filter,ensuring there are no air leaks, and insulating your doors and windows, and ensuring that you have your heating and air system in Lehi inspected annually.

Unfortunately, your heater has less for you to maintain than your air conditioning, so if you are having heater problems ,don’t hesitate to schedule an inspection from your HVAC professional. Not only is it annoying to experience a heater breakdown during these cold days, but expensive repairs can occur more frequently without regular maintenance. Dirty filters and cracked heat exchangers can lead to breakdowns and are very preventable.

For those with little DIY experience, be careful when checking out the heater as it does contain combustion and gas related safety hazards, making it a good idea to leave for the experts. So, to conclude, give your family the gift of comfort this year, by following these handy tips for maintaining your heating and air system in Lehi!