If you have wondered about whether it is time to replace your furnace in Eagle Mountain, we can probably answer the questions you have so you are sure about your decision. There are a few factors that affect a system’s efficiency and life span, and we can help you know what they are and how to understand them.

Replace Your Furnace in Eagle Mountain

When you decide whether to replace your furnace in Eagle Mountain, you may be surprised to know that we don’t advise doing it just because someone says your system is old and needs to be replaced. There are some signs that your furnace needs replacing, and other things that are just a simple fix. Let’s start with the easy fixes.

Every six months, your air system needs its filters changed. You can buy these yourself and change them or have us come do it. The advantage of having us change the air filters is that we check your entire system at the same time, looking for signs that something has gone wrong or will soon. We inspect the air conditioner and furnace, the blower, the whole thing.

Sometimes a system malfunctions because the air conditioner is too close to something or is cluttered by leaves or debris. Check those possibilities before you worry that your unit isn’t operating to full capacity.

If all that is fine, you need to start thinking about the age of your system and whether you might need to replace all or part of it soon. The average HVAC system lasts about 10-12 years, with occasional beasts making the 15-year mark. If yours is closing in on that time frame, you need to start budgeting for a replacement.

Remember, not all parts need to be replaced at the same time, but you can often get a better deal if you do. Check for energy savings rebates when you talk to someone about a new system.