Fall is finally here, so there is no better time to prepare for the colder weather by taking some precautionary steps to get your furnace and air conditioner in Saratoga Springs ready for the change. But before we dive into the specific steps, why does HVAC maintenance matter in the first place?

As long as you value a dependable system that will breakdown less throughout the season, the time is well worth spending. You also can enjoy a home with cleaner air and at a lower cost (due to your heater and air conditioner running more efficiently).

So now that we know why it’s important to maintain your furnace and air conditioner in Saratoga Springs, lets go over how it is done. To start off, you should check and replace the filters in your air conditioner and furnace. These should be checked around every month and a half in order to keep your system from running inefficiently.

The next step is to prepare your outdoor air conditioning unit for the winter weather by clearing out any debris such as sticks and leaves that may have fallen under the fan guard. This next step only applies to certain households who use smart thermostats. If you do, make sure you are taking advantage of the ability to program automatic off and on times. Whenever you leave the house to run an errand, you are spending money to maintain a temperature that nobody is using. Take a bit of time to set a portion of the day (say when you are at work) so no energy or money goes to waste.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to schedule a tune up with your HVAC experts. Your furnace and air conditioner in Saratoga Springs can degrade over time and putting in a little effort can increase the lifespan and save you money!