It is easy to forget how important a working AC is until it stops working, so prepare your household by learning some of the signs and noises your AC makes to tell you that it is time for AC service in Eagle Mountain.

AC Service in Eagle Mountain

Some of these signals your AC is sending are more obvious than others, so it is a good idea to give your unit a look when replacing filters and providing other maintenance. Some of the red flags that an AC repair is around the corner include: weak to no airflow, strange sounds, finding moisture around the AC unit, or even foul smells.

When you experience weak to no airflow, either your unit is getting old and the compressor is failing, or there is some type of obstruction that is clogging the duct. For either option, you will want AC service in Eagle Mountain to take a look, as solving the problem yourself isn’t very easy.

Strange sounds from an AC is typically a sign that a problem is arising, and the earlier you can catch it, the better. Sometimes, when an AC has a refrigerant leak or otherwise has condensation, it can cause moisture to turn to mold within or around the unit. Either way, this problem can grow if not taken care of early on.

Lastly, if you notice a pungent smell emitting from your unit, it can indicate mold/mildew has already grown within the unit, or perhaps even some wire insulation has burned out. Either case will require a professional’s opinion, so the next time you encounter any of these signs or noises, don’t hesitate to call AC service in Eagle Mountain to minimize the cost of the damage!