My Air Conditioning Condesner Unit In Utah County

Air cooled condensers in Utah County & surrounding areas are used in residential air conditioner units and commercial air conditioning units.

What are air conditioner condensers?

Air conditioner condensers are a heat exchanger device; it has a similar operation principle as the evaporator. However, the condenser rejects heat from the air conditioner units, while the evaporator absorbs heat to cool the surrounding air. The condenser unit take in high-pressure, high temperature refrigerant gas from the compressor and turns it into high-pressure, high temperature liquid refrigerant.


About the Air Cooled Condenser

Air cooled condensers use outdoor air as a place to reject the heat absorbed by the air conditioner units. The condenser also has parts that help with heat reject. Here are some of the parts in the condenser that may need to be repaired or replaced if your cooling system is not running correctly:

  • Condenser fan blade
  • Condenser motor
  • Condenser coils
  • Air conditioner compressor

If one of these components is not functioning properly, call Ultimate Air Inc. and one of our highly trained Lehi HVAC professionals (servicing the greater Lehi, Salt Lake City, Provo and Orem areas) can quickly diagnose the problem and have your air conditioning unit running again in no time.

How my Air Conditioning Compressor/Condenser Unit Works

The heat is transfered from the AC evaporator coils to the AC condensing unit.

  1. Indoor heat transfers to refrigerant in evaporator coils.
  2. The compressor moves heat to condenser units.
  3. The air conditioner condenser rejects heat and the process start again.

The condenser fan is mounted with the air cooled condenser. The condenser fan’s primary purpose is to increase condenser unit’s capacity to reject heat.

The air conditioning compressor motor is a pump which draws heat laden refrigerant gas from the building’s indoor components, the evaporator coil and air handler, and compresses the low pressure refrigerant gas to high pressure and higher temperature. The high pressure high temperature refrigerant gas enters the condensing coil where it is cooled to a liquid state by a fan blowing outside air across the condensing coil or by immersion of the condensing coil in cooling water. The heat produced in these steps is transferred to a fan which blows outside air across the condensing coil. The liquid refrigerant is then able to return to the indoor components for cooling and dehumidifying the building interior.

Your heating and air conditioning unit in Utah is a very complex system and we don’t expect everyone to understand it’s inner workings. That is why we at Ultimate Air Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning are committed to being the most knowledgable and up to date in the field. All of our Utah HVAC technitions are highly trained professionals and we are proud of our 12 years of service and experience. So call us today and find out why we are the best in the business, you won’t be disapointed!

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